The “Champagne Triangle Tower” — Like The Water Flow of Nature’s Love to Humanity

A new story from my dear friend, Ernest Itzkovitch from Toronto:

Probably all of us will recall our most joyful moments in our lifetime where we were invited by our Friends and Relatives for weddings and had the great pleasure to wish Congratulations on the Newly Wed Bride and Groom and raise a toast & Le Chaim !!!

Yep — weddings, (unfortunately are less popular in these days due to high percentage of divorces among new and old couples due to our well developed and increased ego?) — are still demonstrate to us the “Top Value of Human Connection” in order to build a beautiful family and raise newborn children in the best possible environment that we can afford — Together As One !!!

It’s correct — the interaction with the good environment from childhood to retirement or nursing home — is critical to shaping our lives.
In 2020, probably nobody will believe that 50 years ago there were still families with (x3) generations living in the same household.
Some of us may think that it is a bad joke or just put a big smile on our faces and move to the next topic of our friendly conversation.

What do you consider a “good environment”? Is it a given? Is it your freedom of choice to pick the right environment or your destiny?

The answers may vary from person to person based on their childhood and a lifetime experience. Children will recall their friends from the kinder garden, elementary and high school students will mention their classmates and young adults will recall their friends from the army, college or university or just from our neighborhood where we grow up from youngsters to adults and so on.

Is there a difference between our children and our neighbor’s children and how we can create a harmonious environment for all?

Your answer is right — Round Table Workshops and Connection Circles. In these days where humanity’s Global Connections are on the radars of every citizen of The One Global Village — the invisible Coronavirus forced us to change our outdoor physical lifestyle into “a new virtual indoor reality” and replacing our former “comfort zone” with our upcoming “concern zone” with a big hope for good.

The internet and social media — offers plenty of creative ideas, suggestions, and solutions — but the most interesting part that humanity has more questions than answers and there is a consistent growth trend of uncertainty from Post- Corona impacts.

In my opinion — the missing link/piece in the puzzle is “Nature”. Top scientists insist, that whatever we see outside us — it is a mirror image of everything that is lying inside us. In other words, If I see a deficiency in another person — is it probably my own flaw ???
Probably this conclusion may trigger a lifetime debate because none of us used to see the positive side/qualities of a person rather underline, point out and pinch point the negative sides/qualities of the person in front of us and sometimes is a bit unpleasant.

The Bottom Line is — that our life depends on our intentions, our plans are flexible (based on Nature’s decisions — just a reminder), our success is a result of our interrelations with the environment and “good environment” is the key for humanity’s development.
In 2020 — the world became Global, interdependent, and interconnected. There is no much room for “sole or isolated actions”
and Mutual Consideration and Social Responsibility toward environment and Nature — will secure our bright future “Living in Unity”.

So if you still have some champagne in your glasses or just feeling that you need a refill — “Love is in the air with a big Le Chaim”!



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.