The case with the cup of tea and the Queen of England

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readMay 7, 2020


Caring only about being fulfilled

By default, we are like children who like to put everything into their mouths. Our primary concern is to fulfill our insatiable, ever-growing desires, to grab and hold onto whatever e actually want. Who gives us what we want, from where and how we obtain it is secondary. Most of the time we are like pets, the most important is to be fed, who feeds us is less important.

Then there is already a more advanced state where the giver, the source of the pleasure, fulfillment can greatly magnify the pleasure we receive from the fulfillment.

For example, I can make a cup of tea for myself and drink it as I am thirsty. Or I could be invited for afternoon tea to the Queen of England, where they serve me the very same cup of tea. Which one gives me greater pleasure, which cup of tea will I remember later on?!

Making contact with the source of the pleasure

The fact that the cup of tea was served in the presence of the Queen greatly magnifies the pleasure, and perhaps I can’t even tell what kind of tea it was, I might not even remember if I drank the tea in my excitement, all I remember that I spent that afternoon tea with the Queen of England.

This is all a matter of importance. Am I like a child or a pet that is only concerned about being fed. fulfilled, pacified, or I can — above the fulfillment- also turn towards to appreciate from whom, in what circumstances I received my fulfillment? If the source of the pleasure is important enough, the actual fulfillment, the “cup of tea” becomes secondary, or completely irrelevant, serving only as an excuse for the much more important issue of being connected to the all-important source of the pleasure.

Reciprocating the pleasure

Now imagine that I can use this occasion to somehow reciprocate this pleasure and give something back to that most important source, like receiving the opposition it to tell something nice to the Queen of England, something that truly touches her, gives her pleasure.

It is like eating my mother’s soup because I want to give her pleasure by accepting the soup. Of course, I am hungry as well and I like the soup, but my primary aim of eating it is to give my mother pleasure since she is much more important for me than the soup and my hunger. This way we can go from simply fulfilling a hunger, desire to using the hunger, desire to give the one who fulfills my hunger the pleasure. This way from a simple, instinctive child, a pet I being fed become a conscious bestowed!

Making contact with our Source

Now, we have a very special “cup of tea” we receive every day, our very own existence in this reality. And most of the time we take this existence for granted, we do not even appreciate it unless we become sick, or our life is in danger.

And we are receiving our existence in this life from a very special source that is much greater than the Queen of England. We receive our existence from Nature’s perfect system that according to its plan of evolution brought us into this life through our parents.

Our actual, overall Human purpose in life is to build a conscious connection to Nature’s system, to study the plan of evolution and our own role in it. We need to use, accept our existence in a way that we can reciprocate the greatest possible present of being alive in this world in order to research and attain the perfect system we exist in, to see perfection and purposeful guidance behind everything that exists, surrounds us and influences us.

Justifying our existence by justifying Nature’s perfection

We can reciprocate this perfection by attaining and fulfilling our unique Human, evolutionary role in Nature’s system, by fully integrating into it and becoming its conscious, objective witnesses that can justify its magnificent perfection.

How do we know we caused “pleasure” to Nature’s system?!

We know that by the very pleasure we ourselves feel when we sense it through ourselves without any doubts, that the system is truly perfect, that wherever ever happened, happens and will happen is purposeful, serving only one purpose, to drive the whole system into an unblemished, seamless integration all parts, elements perfectly complementing each other.

Then we will sense Nature’s “circle of life”, infinite and eternal flow of energy streaming through us. By that incomprehensible contentment, perfection sensed realistically, tangibly, without any doubt we give contentment to Nature since we achieved exactly what we were supposed to achieve, this is why we were given our existence.

This is neither religion, illusion, or mysticism. This perfect goal is achievable in a methodical, scientific manner for anybody who wants to know why we are born into this world, why we are considered “Human beings” — the “Crowns of Evolution”.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.