Survival of the fittest — the fittest to integrate, to connect

Question from the Internet:

“Are there any societal and/or cultural benefits for a country as a whole to have a survival of the fittest mentality in this day and age?”

It all depends on how we interpret this principle.

Most of the time we interpret it saying the only the strongest survives. By this we try justifying out inherently egocentric, exploitative, “cancer-like” approach to life: excessively consuming, accumulating everything for ourselves, succeeding and surviving at each other’s expense.

In our generation we started to see, understand where this approach leads to: towards cancer-like self-destruction.

So the time had come to start interpreting “survival of the fittest” how Nature interprets it: survival of those who can integrate and fulfill their predetermined evolutionary role in Nature’s system.

This is also the lesson, message from the pandemic: we evolved into a globally integrated, fully interdependent world, where either we may how to solve problems and survive together - as a single Human “super-organism”, or we all sink on our global ship and we all drown.