Standing before Humanity’s greatest accomplishment

Question from the Internet:

“What might humans accomplish?”

Humans need to accomplish what Nature’s evolution expects from them.

We have a predetermined, unique, very high role, purpose in Nature’s system. We have to become Nature’s only conscious, willingly, purposefully integrated, but at the same time independent and objective observers, partners.

For this reason, we are born with an inherently egocentric, subjective, individualistic, and exploitative nature that makes us opposite to, outsiders in Nature’s system. As this inner nature, software in us constantly grows, intensifies, we have reached now a state, where we are outright destructive like terminal cancer — both towards Nature and towards each other.

Now we are expected to recognize, accept that futile, self-destructive nature of our original inner program and then start consciously, willingly, purposefully taking our own human development into our own hands.

We have to learn how to acquire a second, natural program “update” by harnessing Nature’s evolutionary forces, to adapt ourselves to Nature’s plan, to become compatible, integrated with Nature through our mutual integration.

Then we acquire a special duality — between our original egotistic, selfish and the acquired Nature-like integrated and altruistic natures, programs — that is unparalleled in nature, giving us the ability to fulfill our above mentioned, predetermined role, purpose in evolution.

Our generation is the turning point in Human history and evolution.