Sooner or later we all come to the need to change ourselves!

A feedback from the Internet on guiding people towards self-change:

Following traditions and customs have brought us to today.
Here’s a bird’s eye view from someone who likes to follow those traditions, obviously not me!
(An opinion from another person following traditions)

You are suggesting that WE need to change.
If it was good enough for Mom and Dad and there are 7.8 billion of us on the planet thanks to following our traditions and customs, why should WE change?
Maybe THOSE people need to change first.
I don’t even recognize the problems you recognize.
And I’m not going to watch some video I’ve got my own sources that I rely on for testimony about our future.
(Filling pulpits worldwide)

We totally agree on what the problems are. And I totally agree people have to change.
But we’re not going to.
You have signed up for a Sisyphean task!

Thank you for the feedback!

You are completely right, there are many people — perhaps the majority — who reject any notion of changing themselves. Especially those who have a precisely set framework they have been following through generations, of who are seemingly successful in this world with whatever they are doing.

Most of these people also live in closed communities, sometimes oblivious to the direction the world is going, ignoring what is happening to others.

Why would they change?!

Spreading the method of purposeful self-change has very important rules, following the fact that nothing works through coercion, misleading propaganda, dogma.

We are a bit like “honest doctors". We have a medicine but we are not selling it, we can only give it to those who are already asking for it because they feel they are sick, and nothing then have already tried is working.

So this method world only on those who already gave up their traditions, cultures, previous “solutions", teachings as the know for certain that they might give them some temporary, superficial soothing, but they can provide true, lasting solutions.

It is a sisyphean task as you said and it would not be possible even if we already have thousands of people working on it.

But what this method is doing is simply adjusting, adapting Humanity to Nature’s evolutionary plan, direction, like turning our sails properly towards the “wind of change".

Those who learn, change themselves find themselves in tune with the constant evolutionary change we usually don’t feel, usually we simply note that we are failing, stumbling from crisis to crisis seemingly without reason. Those who adapt themselves to nature will suddenly feel their problems evaporating, they lives soaring to heights they could never dream of.

Those who refuse to change will soon find themselves in very difficult situations as they are by default — as we all inherently — go against nature’s integration, altruistic cooperation, keeping the general balance and homeostasis. They will continue to sink into ever deeper crisis, and even their careful separation from the general society can’t save them.

As the general situation, the state of the world will inevitably turn to worse — in multiple levels from multiple causes — more and more people will become desperate, softened, ready for anything, even to change themselves, how they live, how they connect to others.

This is why it is important to advertise the root cause of our problems — our own inherently selfish, egotistic, subjective nature — and the method of changing ourselves to be “like Nature" — harmoniously integrated, mutually cooperating.