Some people would rather die than agree to change themselves

Opinion from the Internet about the dire strait humanity is in:

“Humans are more advanced than animals because animals can’t advance their technology to alter their environment as a human does. And humans are not destroying nature. Rather, humans are incapable of destroying anything. The Laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy state that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be altered to one form or another. That is the truth.

And humans don’t need to follow the ecosystem in order to avoid a pollution catastrophe. We just need to change to renewable energy. The thing that is causing this global climate change isn’t technology. It is pollution. We can still alter our environment with technology without leading to a huge decline in our population.

And once our technology is advanced enough that we can control the very ecosystem and environment that we live in, we wouldn’t even need to compensate for the environment anymore. We just do whatever we want. That is the end game that humanity should be looking at. Not go backward and make ourselves slaves to the environment again.

But all of this is just idealistic talk. If you want to bring about real change, you need to talk about what’s realistic and practical. Like I’ve said, no human laws, society, and no “consciousness” out there are capable of stopping human greed. They, at most, can only serve as a deterrence. Cause they don’t stop a person from polluting and hoarding things.

Fact is, the only way to stop people from polluting and hoarding things is death. Cause as long as people are alive, they will always have a choice to pollute and hoard. And as long as they have that choice, eventually, someone will choose to do it. It’s like rolling dice with 100 sides to it. Even though your chance of rolling the number 1 is one to a hundred, if you roll long enough, you’ll eventually get the number 1. That is just a simple statistic.

As you can see, you cannot stop the inevitable. Thinking that you can somehow stop people from polluting through “consciousness” is the same as fooling yourself into believing a delusion. Why? Because you can’t stop people from hoarding and polluting unless you kill them. And if you kill them, that will be the same as a lot of people dying from the natural catastrophe which is what you’re trying to prevent in the first place.

At the end of the day, you’re stuck if you rely on social constructs like human “conscious.” If you want a sure way to solve the problem of population, the practical solution is to advance technology to the point where we can replace everything with green energy. Cause now, people will be hoarding green energy that has no negative effect on the environment. And that is not evolving our species. That is evolving our technology. There is a difference.”

I am sorry that I cannot pass on what I try to say.

There is nothing idealistic in this, I do not appeal to some higher consciousness. Human beings are very simple, we are operated by constant, precise calculations based on “pleasure and pain”.

If you say we are not destroying anything I think you look at the world through some kind of illusion, idealism. Because we are all selfish and egoistic we can’t even solve problems and overcome them without unnecessary destruction like the pandemic, and we have absolutely no solution for climate change — regardless of who caused it, what caused it.

As you said, one of the solutions is death and this is exactly where we are heading. We have a very realistic chance of self-destructing even within this generation from myriads of different causes from multiple locations like plagues, natural catastrophes, global wars or internal social exploisons, water shortage or the pollution you mentioned just to mention a few very pressing, obvious ones.

This is your solution and most of humanity is going with you right now. At this stage, talking is cheap as it is not on our doorstep yet, but let us talk when we truly have nothing to drink or eat when coastal areas are already flooded or there is no air to breathe.

Technology cannot change anything as it is not the technology that is doing the work but we are, and as long as we use everything with the inherently selfish, egoistic, exploitative software we are born with, we will continue to cause harm only as now, when all our ‘solutions” make everything only worse. We already have all the technology we would ever need, only how we use it is what we need to change.

All I am saying that there is another option, learning through a very realistic education how humanity can avoid this, by changing how we relate to each other and to nature above and against our nature. This is not mysticism, we actually have a so far dormant, “nature-like” behavioral pattern in us, that can make us able to make calculations for others above instinctive self-interest.

I fully understand that this is what nobody wants to do, as I would rather change others or the world, or I would even die than to change who I am, and how I relate to others, especially if I have to care for them as much as I care for myself.

So only those will start the process who are more sensitive and are ready to change. the rest will join (or perhaps not even then) when their life is truly at stake.

This is very simple. I had this kind of conversation before and there are people who “choose” death, human extinction instead of considering changing themselves. What can we do?!



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.