Solving the world’s problems requires the right diagnosis

Question from the Internet:

“How do you solve the two biggest problems in the world in one answer (world hunger and overpopulation)?”

The problem is that others might want to add to that list arguing that there are even greater problems, like climate change, geopolitical conflicts threatening with world wars, our total incompetence in the face of a relatively mild pandemic while we already overused antibiotics, the hastily receding freshwater supply and the pollution of the oceans, excessive fishing killing all the fish not to mention other animals, plants that become extinct because of human activities, etc.

At the end of the day, these are all simply symptoms of the same, single disease. And the good thing about this is that if we recognize, accept what the disease is, then we can also find and use the remedy.

And this single root cause is the inherently “cancer-like”, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective, and exploitative ego that drives all of us. Many people are honestly unaware of this and believe that they are basically “good people”, capable of loving, serving, supporting others.

Usually, it takes very dramatic circumstances, unexpected changes for us to realize who we are, what we are, what forces, desires, intentions truly motivate, drive us.

We can recognize these inner forces, motivation in safe, supportive “laboratory circumstances” with the help of the right, purposeful and practical method in a unique environment, where we can also immediately receive the tools to change, upgrade ourselves.

Only when we all willingly, methodically recognize our inherent nature and change it can we build a different, better, safer, more equal, and sustainable human society based on a very different attitude and relationship to each other.