Singing Kumbaya, Communism, or Masters of the Universe?

How to succeed where everything else failed before?

Whenever people start to recommend unity, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation, following Nature’s template as a solution for the worsening global crisis Covid-19 just augmented, highlighted, many dismiss such ideas as “Kumbaya-singers”, “tree-huggers”, Communists, hippies, liberals or simply naive, misguided.

Purposefully selfish, egotistic Humans

First of all, we have to understand our own Human nature. Despite many — including spiritual, religious leaders — claiming that there is inherent good in us, in truth our whole nature, our original operating program is 100% egotistic, self-serving, and subjective. We simply cannot make any other calculations but the ones that benefit ourselves.

Education to balance, harness, channel the Human ego as the engine of progress

Only a unique, purposeful, and practical educational method can help us. Only such an approach can explain — to those who willingly join in by their own free choice feeling the need, necessity — that the global unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation is not a political ideology, religion, mysticism or utopia, but it is obligated by the “iron laws” of nature’s system. We need to learn how to adapt ourselves to these laws sustaining the fragile balance and homeostasis in Nature life depends on, because by ignoring, breaking these laws we forfeit our own right to survive.