Singing Kumbaya, Communism, or Masters of the Universe?

How to succeed where everything else failed before?

Whenever people start to recommend unity, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation, following Nature’s template as a solution for the worsening global crisis Covid-19 just augmented, highlighted, many dismiss such ideas as “Kumbaya-singers”, “tree-huggers”, Communists, hippies, liberals or simply naive, misguided.

One can sympathize with them after all none of the above-listed movements, ideologies, ideas yielded any positive results in Human history, moreover, most of them themselves became oppressive, dismissive dogmas when their ideas did not bring the expected results.

On the other Humanity — that exists as a single species in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system that is evolving towards increasing integration — has no other chance of problem-solving, collective survival, but to follow Nature’s template of integration, mutually complementing existence.

So how could we come around solving the above contradiction?

Purposefully selfish, egotistic Humans

First of all, we have to understand our own Human nature. Despite many — including spiritual, religious leaders — claiming that there is inherent good in us, in truth our whole nature, our original operating program is 100% egotistic, self-serving, and subjective. We simply cannot make any other calculations but the ones that benefit ourselves.

This operating program drives us towards incessant, mutually exclusive, ruthless competition, survival at the expense of others. And we are all born that way, only the size of our selfish “hunger”, the readiness to sacrifice ourselves and others for our fulfillment differentiate people, rendering Humanity into the well-known pyramid model with the most egoistic, self-serving 1% at the top and the least egotistic people at the bottom.

Thus we will never be able to solve anything, we will never be able to build a sustainable, fair, equal, peaceful, and sustainable Human society without correcting our own nature.

But how can we do that, after all, each of our previous political, social, military, religious and spiritual attempts have failed?!

We could not coerce people to cooperate and we could not mislead them with shrewd brainwashing, trying to use economic means, consumerism to achieve this. And we also learned that the all-powerful Human ego cannot be suppressed, erased as such attempts draw even stronger egotistic, destructive rebound reactions!

Education to balance, harness, channel the Human ego as the engine of progress

Only a unique, purposeful, and practical educational method can help us. Only such an approach can explain — to those who willingly join in by their own free choice feeling the need, necessity — that the global unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation is not a political ideology, religion, mysticism or utopia, but it is obligated by the “iron laws” of nature’s system. We need to learn how to adapt ourselves to these laws sustaining the fragile balance and homeostasis in Nature life depends on, because by ignoring, breaking these laws we forfeit our own right to survive.

The previous millennia-long “preparation phase” in Human history ended. Nature’s evolution invites us into a completely different, this time conscious phase of Human evolution, offering us to take our fate, development into our own hands.

Through the unique educational method, we can learn how to use, even strengthen, harness, and channel our all-powerful ego as an engine towards positive, constructive, collective goals, development. Finally, we can learn why we were born with this ego, and how with its help — balancing it with Nature’s template towards seamless, positive integration — we can become the fully aware, independent still integrated, objective observers, “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

This is neither “singing Kumbaya”, nor Communism or a utopia. This is true, empirical, Natural science!



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