Should we turn to faith or science in the time of the Covid-19 lockdown?

Times like that brings forth in people the need to believe in a “Higher Providence”, to try to make sense of the seemingly chaotic, random, incomprehensible events around us, when despite our proud, technological advancement and stubborn individuality we helplessly fall on our knees in face of forces we don’t understand, can’t handle.

Of course, there is a growing majority of people for whom simple faith and the provided psychological relief is not enough, but they need to know, they want to learn, so next time we could prepare better for similar scenarios.

The problem is that knowing, researching happens through our inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception of reality. Thus we keep hitting walls in researching Nature. We can’t get beyond theories, philosophy when trying to explain how Natural reality around us works. Thus faith remains strong since we don’t have a proper science that could provide true, reassuring, tangible answers.

Even at this stage, we could at least use the common nominator all religions, faith systems, most political ideologies agree to, but never actually implement: to the millennia-old principle of “Love your Friends as Yourself”.

As unique, original, empirical scientists — who managed to map, understand and describe Nature’s perfect system in its totality by acquiring seamless similarity with its qualities — explain, this principle has nothing to do with religions, mysticism, philosophy.

In a symbolic, poetic manner “Love others as yourself” describes Nature’s most fundamental law for sustaining, safeguarding balance and homeostasis among its extremely diverse, seemingly incompatible elements — applied to Human interconnections.

And as the virus just showed us without any doubts, excuses how interconnected, interdependent we are and how only unprecedented mutual coordination, mutual responsibility can help us at every level of Human society, the time has come to rise above the faith level — either believing in a “Force” we can’t know, attain, or believing in our own very limited, distorted egotistic abilities — and study through a special science which first of all gives us a completely new, selfless, objective, the independent viewpoint of reality.

Then we will be able to fully research and attain Nature’s system and our place, role in it.

And the primary principle of this unique science is the practical implementation of “Love others as yourself”, as only by learning to perceive reality through the desires, viewpoints of others in special, purposeful, methodical environments can we acquire the necessary selfless, objective, independent observer point — that’s free of our inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective limitations.