Sensing reality through “zero gravity” — tuning the radio to the right frequency

Born into our own gravity

By default we exist, perceive reality towards ourselves, in our own gravitational force-field.

We know through life experiences and we also proved it through different sciences that our consciousness, perception of reality is 100% self-centered, subjective.

We can never access, research reality as it is, but we always test, observe a limited, distorted personal version of the world. And it doesn’t matter what technology, what instruments we use since at the end the evaluator, observer still uses the same introverted, egocentric senses, “personal computer” for conclusions, assessment.

This is why our personal connections, sciences have such seemingly unbreakable limitations, walls surrounding the self, especially since quantum physics opened up the unbridgeable abyss between the “Newtonian” dimension we can access, detect, research confined to the coordinates of time, space, physical motion, and the unbounded, “infinite” dimension quantum physics hints at but we can’t actually access, taste, research beyond theories, philosophies.

Instinctively enjoying the misery, loss of others

We can sort of research and attain reality at the lower levels of Nature when observing the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels. There we can seemingly agree in our observations, arbitrarily set up laws, principles we can live by.

But when it comes to the highest, Human-level in Nature, when we need to reach any objective observations, conclusions in regards to Human relationships, and as a result to build stable, sustainable Human societies, we utterly fail with everything we try.

We use and exploit the other levels of Nature too, as we can see from the reckless, incessant harm we cause to the Natural environment. But this destructive behavior becomes much worse in relation to other Humans.

It is not enough that our inherent nature drives us towards an exclusive, ruthless competition, war for success, survival, we actually gain the greatest pleasure when that success, survival comes at the expense of others. When the others lose, suffer that gives us greater satisfaction than what we actually gain.

We can observe this — rejoicing at the failure, lots of the other more than from personal gain, success — in all parts of Human activity from business, trade to sports, to friendship and family relationships.

This is neither sinful, nor it is evil, we are born with this kind of approach, attitude towards the world, and others.

Everything is assessed, evaluated towards our own “pleasure/pain calculations”, everything is perceived by the inherently individualistic, subjective, distrusting ego which constantly dismisses, criticizes, negatively judges others so it could raise the self always higher — at the expense of others.

Watching, directing our own personal theatre

But these others look the way they look, behave how they behave only in my own “personal theatre”, where my self-serving, self-justifying ego distributes the roles, writes the script. As much as it sounds strange those others are simply versions of other people who look, behave in a way that suits my own subjective, egotistic vision in order to keep my self, my self-esteem in the best possible state. I see them how it suits me which could be completely different from how they truly are.

I live my whole life locked inside my own “personal theatre” my ego directs, believing it true. I live on my own planet within my own gravitational force-field which makes the world look like what I see, as that suits me best.

This is why I see a hostile, suffering filled, warring world, where all Human beings live only for themselves against one another, at each other’s expense, projecting my own behavior, software onto everything I seemingly see.

The inaccessible perfect world around us

Unique, empirical, Natural scientists who have been studying Human nature and Nature’s perfect system for millennia write, that there is actually a perfect world outside of my personal theatre, drama, which I cannot access right now as a result of my inherent consciousness, perception. I am locked into my own prison-like in the example of “Plato’s Cave”.

The same scientists also write that there is a possibility, a method to exit the inherent, personal prison, theatre to access reality as it is, with perfect Nature and other people that are already all accommodated, adjusted to that perfect Natural system all behaving “like angels” — integrated, existing through selfless, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation like the rest of Nature.

But we can’t see this right now.

The law of matching frequencies

Perception, research, attainment depends on the compatibility between the researchers and researched, perceived, and perceived. There is has to be at least partial similarity of qualities, matching frequencies for research, perception to work.

In our own gravitational force-field, in our “personal theatre” everything works, exists according to our inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective calculations, thus the whole reality we observe acts accordingly. If we want to acquire the chance to research, observe perfect reality, or the world “as it is”, we would need to change our own qualities, type of consciousness and perception, like tuning a radio receiver to the right frequency to receive the desired broadcast.

It is similar to a quantum physicist offered the chance to take on the quality of the quantum system, losing any restrictions erected by the coordinates of time, space, and physical motion in order to become able to research the quantum system from within, in a realistic, tangible manner.

Perfection — selfless altruism — matching Nature

The same unique empirical scientists tell us that Nature’s system, the perfect reality works on laws that constantly sustain the balance, homeostasis which is required for life and optimal development. Just like the cells, organs in our biological bodies each element, part of Nature acts in a completely selfless, altruistic manner towards the system, making calculations primarily towards the well-being of the whole system, fulfilling their own calculations, efforts to survive to the extent it is needed for the optimal state of the system.

Thus people who would like to exit their own dark, hostile “Plato’s caves”, “personal theatres” in order to have a chance of observing, researching nature’s perfect system from within, without any egotistic, subjective calculations, distortions, would need to tune themselves to the qualities, principle that operate there.

This is possible in a special environment, where through controlled, methodical “laboratory-like” conditions they can aim, train themselves to acquire a second, selfless, objective layer of consciousness, perception over and in contrast to the original egocentric, limited and distorted subjective one.

Faith above reason — achieving a higher reason

This unfolds — with the constant, renewing, mutual support, the mutual inspiration of that unique environment — by acknowledging the original “personal theatre” and everything that unfolds there as contrast, foundation, the wall they can go against and act, exist, behave as if they were already perceiving, tasting, experiencing that perfect reality those empirical scientists describe, paint.

This is not a religion, blind faith as it fully acknowledges their normal reason, logic, using it as a stepping stone, jumping board to go above, like using a rocket to break out Earth’s gravitational pull. They use their “faith” in the higher, second layer of reality like a child has faith in what the parents are saying, pulling the child towards a more developed state although the child has no comprehension, experience from that state.

The above mentioned unique empirical scientists call this “faith above reason”, where the faith — meaning an unknown state from the present point of view — then becomes the new reason, where they actually acquire the necessary similarity, matching frequency with that higher, previously unseen, unexperienced state they can reach with the help of the unique method and the mutually supportive, mutually complementing cooperation of the environment. As a result, they become able to actually, tangibly sense and perceive reality as it is, marveling at, justifying its magnificent perfection together with all the other people who they now see as perfect, behaving like “angels”.

And all this is verified, matched against the original, egocentric, subjective picture which remains as contrast, “measuring stones” so we do not float away into the clods but can scientifically measure, attain the perfect perception against the original, imperfect one.



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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann


I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.