Self-doubt helps us towards objective certainty

Question from the Internet:

“Voltaire said “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.” To what extent do you consider that certainty is absurd and how have you used your doubt to understand a subject better?”

We can certainly understand, accept this argument when we realize that our inherent consciousness, perception of reality is 100% egocentric, subjective, that we do not see reality as it is, but we see a very much distorted, limited, personal version of it.

So when we are certain about our own opinion, our viewpoint, then we surely lock ourselves into an introverted illusion, without a chance to escape.

Constant doubt about our own knowledge, opinion can help us to keep the entrance of our dark cave open, so with the help of a unique, practical method and the right environment, we could find a way out towards a more real, more objective viewpoint.

This escape unfolds by listening to, accepting the multi-angled viewpoints, opinions of a unique group of people who try to achieve the same goal: progress towards a selfless, objective perception, attainment of reality.

In such an environment if each is doubtful about their own opinion, standpoint and instead tries to absorb the opinions, viewpoints of the others, we can generate a composite, selfless viewpoint, opinion, solution that will the closest to the right, objective answer.