Question from the Internet:

“Does everything have a flip side? Is this something that happens in nature? Why would this be?”

Nature built on opposite forces

And in relation to our own perception, consciousness we couldn’t make anything out of reality without contrasts.

How would we be able to differentiate hot from cold, bitter from sweet?!

So we need to get used to enter in between absolute opposites and try to open, reveal true reality in between.

We are born with a desire for “sweet” sensations

This original “single-dimensional” quality is not our fault, this is how we are born to give us the opportunity, free choice to consciously develop ourselves.

Even in Hollywood, they have to put a conflict, drama in the middle of the film, otherwise, there is no story. But in Hollywood by the “happy ending” - in order to cater to our childish nature wanting only sweet sensations, a “feel good” sense when leaving the cinema - the conflict disappears and everything is perfect.

But that is not real life.

Reality is built on contrasts

Today when our egos have reached maximum intensity we can’t hold onto friendships, families as we have no idea how to handle conflicts, how to cover the seemingly illogical, “baseless hatred” with love.

More importantly, true peace will be built between true enemies who will not put flowers into the barrels of guns, but keep the guns behind their back for the time being, and will have to renew that peace again and again.

This is very important in a world that is seemingly inevitable sleepwalking towards war, without knowing how to solve conflicts.

We can learn to perceive reality as it is

For this we need a unique, purposeful, and practical educational method where we can practice, sense, exercise this in small, controlled environments until we will be able to use this unique Human duality - unparalleled in nature - in greater circles.