Seeing the world differently

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readJun 3, 2023


Question from the Internet:

“What are your thoughts on creating new worlds? Do you think it would make this world a better place for humanity? If so, how would that work out practically speaking?”

We are all born with a uniquely human mindset, seeing ourselves as potential creators, inventors, and saviors of the world.

We can wee it all through history how humanity has been changing, manipulating everything, trying to control everything and everybody.

On a smaller scale, we can see the same in our individual lives as well. We are all convinced about our individual free choice and the opportunities and chances to change the world and change others according to our own understanding and worldview.

And here is where the problems arise. We are all born and locked into a completely introverted, subjective and egocentric consciousness and perception of reality. We all see others and the world through our own, 100% distorted and limiting filters. We do not see and experience the world “ as it is,” but we see and experience our own version of it.

And this individual and subjective version of the world is inevitably incomplete, distorted, and false, and it will always be something broken that we think we need to fix.

But in truth, it is not the world that needs fixing. It is our own version of the world; it is our own consciousness and perception of reality that needs changing and improving.

As much as it is difficult to see and accept, we already exist in a perfect world where everything functions exactly how it should function. Thus if we do not see so, if we still see and experience problems in the world, that is a sign that our own mindset, our own emotional and intellectual state, and how we see and experience the world need changing.

This does not mean entering some meditative state, it does not mean taking some “mind-altering” substances, and it does not even mean convincing ourselves that everything is good; we just had a “bad night’s sleep,” and by tomorrow, everything will correct itself.

We need to consciously, willingly, and purposefully work on ourselves, and work on how we relate to other people and the world. We need to methodically learn and practice how to escape our inherently and 100% subjective, egocentric, and individualistic consciousness and perception so we can start comprehending, feeling, and attaining reality as it is.

If we learn and practice how to change our inherently narrow and false “vision” by absorbing and using the thoughts, desires, and viewpoints of others in a uniquely organized environment with the help of a special, purposeful, and practical method, we can gradually open up a completely different reality for ourselves.

Through the viewpoints and desires of others — while discarding and nullifying our original introverted and limited viewpoint, we can develop a special “collective consciousness” and acquire a “composite perception of reality,” allowing us to see and experience reality from multiple different angles at the same time.

In this process, we can clean up our sense and perception of reality and rise above all our inherently subjective and egocentric limitations like time and space.

Then we will start attaining and tangibly experiencing reality “as it is” in its total and unblemished perfection. We do not need to change anything in the world; we do not need to create new worlds. We need to adjust and adapt ourselves to a perfect world that is already surrounding us.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.