Searching for a Purpose

Question from the Internet:

“I still do not understand why people would want to change themselves. After all, can we change our biology, can we choose not to be born or not to die? The main problem is that most people do not even live life, they do not know what life is! And what is that starting point initiating that change?!”

All I would say that while it is true that our biological body inevitably dies, whether we associate our life with our biological being or perhaps we associate our life with something different is our choice.

You say we can improve the quality of our corporeal lives while we live in our bodies.

I say we can attain a much higher, truly infinite, and eternal sense of existence while we live in these biological bodies.

And this is neither religion nor mysticism that I am talking about, I am talking about a realistic, tangible, scientific method.

Through this method, we can learn to perceive reality, not through our inherent, individual, egotistic, and subjective self — that gives us the sensation of this life and death — but selflessly, altruistically through the desires and needs of other people, and by that escaping the egocentric, subjective coordinates of time and space.

And the starting point of this change is purpose.

It is clear that we are different from other animals. We have a unique human ego that drives us towards a very different development. We also have a unique human intellect that can help us critically assess ourselves and ask about a higher meaning, purpose in life.

We have no choice about being born or dying in relation to our physical bodies (although seemingly we can choose to end our life through suicide or euthanasia). But we can choose to either flow with this physical life like other animals, instinctively, blindly until we die, or start working towards becoming “truly Human”, researching and fulfilling our evolutionary Human purpose.

More and more people are asking about meaning and purpose, either as a result of problems, suffering or as some inner program awakening in them.

They simply need the method, education to help them.

This also connected to the innate need for unlimited fulfillment, perfect happiness in us. And it all leads to the same path, learning how to exist “outside”, above the egotistic, subjective self through others, entering that previously mentioned, completely different, qualitatively higher, infinite, and eternal sense of existence.