Besides many other things the Covid-19 crisis proved again that our scientific development has stooped, we are clutching at straws when trying to research, solve Nature’s mysteries. This all part of our present incompatibility with Nature’s system.

What do we need for science to be authentic, efficient?

We need first of all a truly objective observer, and we need this observer to be able to achieve “similarity” with the observed, researched topic. Perception, research is based on the similarity, matching frequency between the observer and observed.

And we have none by default.

We are all born with an inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception, only researching, detecting from reality what is important for our self-centered “pleasure/pain” software.

And even when we assemble teams, when we use sophisticated equipment for research, since everybody in the team has the same egocentric, subjective consciousness their research, conclusions, the way they interpret what their equipment is recording is still limited and distorted.

The reality, the natural system surrounding us is completely selfless, unconditionally serving, its elements — apart from Humans — blindly, instinctively serving the system in a mutually responsible, mutually complementing manner, as they are born integrated into the system, none of the plants, animals have the same sense of individual uniqueness, personalized calculations as Humans do.

Humans are born outside of the system — purposefully by evolution — so we could achieve the unique, above the mentioned observer, researcher status.

Thus, on one hand, we need to be separate, “outcasts”, opposite from Nature (as we are by default with our inherently egoistic, selfish, exploitative program), on the other hand, we need to consciously, proactively learn how to re-integrate into the system — above and against our opposition, above, against the unique Human ego (which is neither good nor evil as it is necessary, purposeful).

The science we need, and we have in our possession explains all this, while also providing the necessary practical, repeatable, practical tools for achieving the above mentioned selfless, objective observer viewpoint and the also necessary similarity with Nature’s system.

Overall the very unique Coronavirus crisis opened up an unprecedented new developmental path for us. Through the special scientific, educational method outlined above we can start fully understanding the Natural system we exist in, we can finally understand ourselves, the forces, intentions driving us and what their actual purpose is.

Then we can start the final, conscious phase of Human evolution, the fully aware reintegration into the system above and against our original program, in order to become the unique, objective observers, partners of Nature’s perfect, all-encompassing system fulfilling, justifying our evolutionary Human purpose.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.