Saving ourselves and the world through “faith above reason”

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readApr 28, 2020

A real-life example:

“My friend had a terrible mother. More like a wicked step-mother.

Amazed at how she was such a wonderful mother one day I asked her how she did it, with no positive experience to draw on.

Her reply, “I just thought about what my mum did/would do, and did the opposite!”

I reckon this ‘what would mum do’ approach is a good rule of thumb for all the little changes we will all need to make to save the world.”

It is very correct.

Some call this approach “faith above reason”.

“Reason” is what we know, our self-serving, self-justifying, original program, what we have been doing so far according to our inherently egocentric, subjective calculations, urges. This approach, the program is driving us into a perpetual crisis in Nature’s altruistic, fully integrated, and interdependent world.

“Faith” is not “blind faith”, but an approach we have no experience with, it does not make sense from an egocentric, subjective point of view: to trust others, to start connecting to others, giving them the benefit of the doubt and trying to support, “love” them as ourselves in order to collectively solve problems and survive.

Why would we choose this “faith”? Because we see that such an approach actually works in Nature, this is how Nature’s laws work and sustain the crucial balance and homeostasis that is necessary for life.

If we try this approach of going with “natural faith” above original “reason” initially in small, mutually committed, mutually supportive circles, suddenly we start to see that “faith” actually works. It becomes real, it becomes our new reality as opposed to our “reason”, the old egotistic kind of interacting that does not work anymore.

And it works because we choose to go — against our egotistic logic — with the “flow” that drives, sustains the “circle of life” in Nature, which natural flow starts to support our mutual efforts since we aligned ourselves with it, like turning our sails in the right direction.

Thus we go and succeed with “faith” which then becomes our new reason.

Then our inherent ego- that cannot we suppressed or erased — awakens and starts, tries to hijack this, starts to distort a newly found success, wanting to take advantage of this mutual circle for selfish benefits. So we need to strengthen the mutual connection, trust against the ego, and rise again into “faith” following Nature’s template again, even stronger.

This is how we learn to find a neutral balance between our inherently self-serving, self-justifying omnipresent, moreover growing ego, and Nature’s altruistic, selflessly serving template which we copy on ourselves above, against the ego, which evolving duality develops us into a unique Human observer “standing on 2 legs”, observing, attaining reality in the contrast between the inherent ego, and acquired similarity with Nature.

This way we can learn how to use, harness the ego’s infinite power in a positive, constructive way. It provides the fuel, desire, engine for progress, while Nature’s template we accept on ourselves — in the form of mutually supporting, complementing each other — directs this force.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.