Rising to a higher level of Human existence — while still living in the material world

Question from the Internet:

“Would society be better if people lost connection to materialistic things?”

We do not need to lose connection to materialistic things, after all, we live in a material world.

What we need to do is, that we have to reorganize our societies on new values. We have to scale down production/consumption to the optimal parameters of true, Natural necessities, and available resources.

As soon as we adjusted our “footprint” to such Natural levels, we will find that Earth can nurture much more than 8 billion people.

We will also find that in the extra time we liberated from pointless, robotic work we can use to rebuild our long-broken Human interconnections and we can find our true meaning in life within those connections.

It is so as by positively, mutually integrating with one another we will start resembling Nature’s perfectly integrated system. Through the acquired similarity we will be able to enter the system and research, understand it “from within” instead of simply scratching the surface superficially as we have been ding so far.

By becoming consciously integral parts of Nature we will fully understand what our true Natural necessities are, how many children we need to keep balance, how to take from Nature in a way that we do not deplete its resources.

Moreover, we will be able to map Nature’s deterministic evolutionary plan, finding, and then fulfilling our own, unique, Human evolutionary role in it.

This is all possible right here, right now through the appropriate, purposeful, and practical educational method.