Revealing the symptoms of the “Human virus”

Some people suggest that the way many people behave during the crisis, hoarding resources, trying to survive at the expense of others is the real pandemic.

Maybe we could say that such behavior is the symptom of the main plague, the main virus that is threatening our existence: the inherently self-serving, self-justifying Human ego.

It is this “Human virus” that has caused the haphazard, uncoordinated, inadequate responses to the virus, as each individual and nation tried and still tries to survive at the expense of others.

The Covid-19 virus scare will go away in a few months, but the very real, constant threat of the “Human virus” — and the worsening global crisis it causes — remains until we realize that it is the cause of all our past and present problems. Only when we start hating our own egotistic nature and feel that without changing, upgrading it we won’t survive in a fully integrated and interdependent world will we start to make real changes.