Repairing Human Connections According To Nature’s Template

Instinctively Adjusting

Through a conversation on the Internet, I was sent this real-life example of how people learn to cooperate and survive under monetary, resource pressures in life by mutually complementing, supporting one another:

“Here’s a real-life simple example to help you imagine how kindness can be a better driver than money. Both my neighbour and myself have been sanctioned by the welfare system for a few months. That means, our money was stopped. We had been relying on the state for money. My neighbour and I had to help each other. We were both surviving on lunches at the soup kitchen and food parcels. We soon realised that she likes things that I don’t like and vice versa. We swapped them. And it grew! This principle spread through all aspects of our lives! Like a virus, started to crop up everywhere in our lives but we didn’t know how pervasive and contagious it would be! You see, we’re both open-minded and like to use our brains. We are as honest and genuine as possible. This honesty is crucial! Not morally, mechanically.

We knew that overall people’s lives go up and down and that overall these natural fluctuations probably average out at zero over time. I’d be better off at some times and so would help her, or vice versa. We called it the 50:50 principle. So I could stomach helping even with very little for myself because I knew the balance would sort itself out and if I needed help, there would be help for me when I needed it. It works.

However, what has happened surprises both of us, keeps on surprising us. What neither of us imagined is that we’re both dramatically better off in almost all quality of life measures (except money, lol!), more positive, and we’ve got more work done, and a deep friendship has developed. The difficult times are much easier to tolerate. I feel stronger and happier than I have in years. Real happiness that settles my heart, comes from my needs being met in alignment with my values.

Well, then we noticed another thing. The 50:50 became 60:60, now even more than 70:70 I think. If you think that the maths don’t add up, you’re wrong. We both get 70%, and yes this adds up to more than 100%, but that’s what’s happened! Much greater results than the game theory of cooperativity would suggest! (Remember this is a network with more than 2 individuals).

Strangely, this is now spreading through interactions with other neighbours I hardly know! It’s grown and the 50:50 system now includes 5 more neighbours, to varying degrees. Just through chats. We all have different strengths/resources to add to the mix, and it’s picking up exponentially. I’m astounded to think about it.”

Difference between Humanity and Nature

This example beautifully portrays the positive direction we can choose to go after the Covid-19 pandemic when our economic, financial situation will suddenly become much more difficult — for most people in the world — compared to how we used to live before.

So far we lived in a Human system — a great, global network of people — that exists within Nature’s vast, integral network. And the Human system is very different from the Natural system, our laws, operations are completely opposite to Nature’s. Although it has always been the case we weren't’ aware of it until very recently where we have lost the “wind in our sails” and our great Human adventure screeched to a halt — decades before the virus awakened us.

Our true development stopped, we are basically living off what we invented, developed, created before, we are fearing the future, become more and more depressed and try to numb, dumb ourselves with different substances and a 24/7 brainwash of lieful media, marketing and “entertainment”

Probably we can also simplify the difference between the Human system and Nature’s system based on a single thing: intention.

While Nature’s system is aimed at the well-being, optimal development, and survival of the whole collective through mutually responsible and mutually complementing interaction, cooperation; our present Human system is built on egocentric, selfish reward and survival at each other’s expense. (This is neither evil or sinful as after all Nature gave us our original egotistic software, purposefully).

Tuning Ourselves to Nature’s Frequency

Now, due to all kinds of pressures described in the provided example, and due to the sensitivity of those involved these people consciously, unconsciously started copying the method in Nature: my survival is intricately intertwined with the survival of others in a global, integral system, so I benefit if I help others, create a mutually complementing, supportive circle since I also benefit from it.

This is not “altruism” as we usually use the expression, it is mutual benefit, or “mutual guarantee”. In other words, we are all sitting on the same boat, thus in order to survive and sail in the right direction, we all have to sail together! Thus we all benefit from this.

This also puts the millennia-old principle of “love others as yourself” into a completely new light: If I live in a system where our lives depend on one another, and we are all responsible towards each other, “loving”, supporting, serving others as they need it makes sure that they will also reciprocally “love”, support, serve me with my necessities! Thus there is nothing religious, mystical in this principle which is actually just a poetic expression of the laws Nature operates by.

Becoming “Truly Human” with a Dual Operating Software

Now, why were we born with an egotistic software in the first place?

Because it is exactly this what makes us Human, conscious beings that can act above their instincts. By starting with an opposite software, inclination to Nature’s we can consciously learn and understand that it is worthwhile to copy Nature’s template and start living like accordingly. We can tangibly sense, reaffirm that it is worthwhile to integrate with each other to become similar to Nature and integrate into its system through similarity since then we all benefit from Nature’s perfect blueprints, access resources we can’t even imagine while placing ourselves “outside” of the system (although we exist inside).

This makes Humans the only truly conscious elements of the system, and by integrating into Nature against, above our original one — in a unique duality between our original software and the consciously acquired upgrade — we become the unique, Human insider witnesses, partners with the perfect system. Thus besides learning how to survive together we also realize, fulfil our unique Human potential, role in the system!



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.