Rebuilding the basic unit of society

Question from the Internet:

“What is the basic unit of society?”

The basic unit of society used to be the classical family, which in traditional societies meant multiple generations living together.

And while this model is still alive in a few societies — mostly in “developing nations" — as they develop towards more westernized societies the classical family model starts to fall apart, disappear even there.

We can’t call it “bad or “evil", it is simply part of our selfish, egotistic, individualistic human development. As the focus increasingly shifts to the egotistic self, self-service, self-fulfilment, human connections, even the closest ones, fall victim of this inclination.

On the other hand in a globally integrated, interdependent world we can’t solve problems, can’t survive without positive, sustainable, mutually complementing, mutually responsible interconections, cooperation.

Of course we cannot build such integral network directly with billions of other people.

So the new “basic unit" of society will be purposefully, methodically built, small, manageable, closed, mutually supportive, mutually complementing groups, communities that can learn and implement Nature’s template of mutual integration above and despite the our individual, selfish, egoistic tendencies.

Then such small communities, “cells" can interconnect and form the fully integrated network humanity’s future depends on in Nature’s fully integrated system.