Rebuilding Humanity from conscious cells to a Human “super-organism”

Nature obligates us to build an ideal society

In the global world, we have evolved into — where each person depends on everybody else and each is responsible for all other — we need to build an ideal society, where each can perform their very best for the well-being, optimal development of the whole collective, while receiving everything they need for their necessities and for performing their all-important “cogwheel role”.

For most people — especially while observing reality as we see our world today — this seems like a utopia or something that is impossible to achieve among 8 billion, self-serving, egotistic people.

But this “ideal society” is neither idealistic nor is it a utopia. It is extremely realistic, moreover pressing!

It is obligated by Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system we exist in, which system — according to its evolutionary plan — now expects us to take on its form and rebuild Humanity on its template, blueprint.

From tens to hundreds, from hundreds to thousands…

I fully agree with you that such a fundamental change, with so many variables, unknowns can’t happen all at once, especially not with billions of people.

But it can successfully unfold in small, closed, purposeful, and methodically organized environments. With the right, a purposeful and practical educational method such small groups can learn how to build mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections where each finds their own, perfect complementary role, building seamless interconnections, integration above — while preserving — their individual uniqueness, qualities, attributes. Then such small cells start merging, interconnecting raising this to the next level.

Let us say the initial group had ten members. Then ten such small cells can merge, interconnect creating a society of hundred people, then again the hundreds combine into thousands and so on.

At each new level adjustments need to be made, reviewing, revising the roles, but since they already have the method, it goes much easier, swifter than we would think. The key is learning the integration in the initial, first such “Human cell”

Rebuilding Humanity from a conscious single-cell to a multi-cellular “Super-Human”

Basically evolution is expecting us to “replay” the same process that happened much earlier when single-cell organisms “learned” how to combine into increasingly more complex and more successful multi-cellular organisms until the process reached the Human level.

This time we have to recreate this process but in a fully conscious manner and of course in a much shorter time to reach a “super-Human” consciousness, perception of reality as a result of the connection network and ensuing “circulation, communication” we build with each other culminating in an unprecedented collective, “organic” Human intelligence that is magnitudes much more capable than any AI we could build with our original egocentric and subjective minds.

The moment we start this process and we start to attain the smallest level of such cooperation, we would immediately start to sense, understand the world on a qualitatively much higher level than we do today. Then we will see that there is nothing to do with our present political, economic systems, there is nothing to do with the original, blind behavior we observe on the pane of this world today. All this will fade into the background, will become obsolete, outdated this way or that way, since none of our present structures, values, behavior, or actions are designed, prepared to deal with a globally integrated and interdependent world at all.

The process starts right here, right now!

Only this process can lead us towards true “Humanity”, to realize our true Human potential above the inherently instinctive, blind humanoids we were born as. The opportunity to start building the initial “Human cells” is here and now, some of them are already ready waiting to accept, incorporate new members that are ready and willing!



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