Real world with real perception

Question from the Internet:

“When will the real world be replaced with metaverse?”

Which “real world” are you asking about? Are you asking about the very limited and distorted, inherently subjective, and egocentric “world” we project for ourselves with our illusory perception of reality?

We do not need a “Metaverse”, especially one that is designed by others with their own version of this illusory, egocentric, subjective reality.

What we need is a special method that can help us wake up from this “dream”, “coma”, “nightmare”. We need a method that can help us rise above our inherent perception, consciousness, acquiring a totally selfless and thus objective perception of reality — seeing, tasting, feeling everything through the desires, thoughts, and viewpoints of others.

We will feel the “real world” when “we” disappear into others and lose our egocentric, subjective, individualistic, and self-destructive “self” — the new observer feeling that perfect, absolute, objective reality is the actual “human being” we are destined to become.