Reaching perfect fullfilment

Question from the Internet:

“Is it true that people never reach true happiness but they achieve a sense of contentness that gets them through life?”

We are programmed to aim at achieving perfect, infinite happiness, as a result we can’t be satisfied with a limited sense of contentment.

Our “matter”, engine is the desire for self-fullfilment, constantly searching for ever increasing pleasures, happiness.

This desire is not constant but incessantly grows, what we were satisfied with today won’t be enough tomorrow. What was enough for kings a few generations ago, isn’t enough for normal people in modern societes.

This is what marketing and the entertainment industry can exploit very efficiently for their “aggregate demand”.

Thus we are constantly running behind perfect fulfillment, always feeling empty even if seemingly we have everything.

Moreover since our actual personal “vessels of reception” are very limited, we can only fill ourselves with pleasures - food, drink, sex, different forms of entertainment, etc - to a certain extent and then we become satiated, turned off, feeling let down as before the became satiated we imagined much greater pleasures.

This constant sense of emptiness drives us towards the use of addictive substances, ever deepening unhappiness as our desire keeps growing while our ability to fill it becomes less and less effective.

This is why we need a unique, practical method that can teach us how to receive fulfillments properly, so we can keep up with the ever increasing desires while never becoming saturated, turned off.

With this unique method we can learn how to use the purposefully built, perfect, Human cconnection network as receptive vessel for infinite fulfillment, each receiving for the same of others, circulating abundant, never ending pleasures, life-flow through the connections, a sense of pleasure and contentment no individual person can every achieve.