Reaching “loving others as ourselves"

An opinion from the Internet about acceptance, love:

“A better concept of what to “love each other" means is the true acceptance of people as they come, not how we would choose them to be. Nor is it 3 empty words. Accept and be accepted. Each person can only be themselves. Would you try to tie up a rainbow and be frustrated with it when you could not? Or enjoy and accept it as it comes knowing it is how it was intended to be?”

Yes, this is true, but “true love" actually goes much deeper.

First, as you say, we have to restrict our egocentric, subjective expectations of others and relate to each other with a passive acceptance, accepting others as they are without trying to change them according to our inherently selfish, subjective worldview.

This fits the principle of “do not do to others what you yourself hate” or simply “do no harm".

But then — since we exist in a fully integrated, interdependent system where life, positive development depends on a unique, “Nature-like", mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation — we can’t stay “each simply being themselves", but we all have to learn how to actively, selflessly, unconditionally serve, “love" each other in order to create and sustain a unique, qualitatively much higher level of life and development between us.

This already fits the principle of “love others as yourself".