“Re-engineering” human society based on Nature’s integral template

An opinion from the Internet about rebuilding a selfish, egoistic human society and the original family cell:

“While social engineers would love to see a breakdown of society, solely so they can rebuild it in whatever ideal they have for people they neither know nor care to know, this will inevitably lead to the further deterioration of society and culture into hedonism or worse.

That being said why not both. Why can’t we restore the proper place of the family as it once was, and create cells of freedom in our society so that society itself can better self-govern?”

You are right of course. And I am not talking about “social engineering”, I am talking about the instinctive, natural evolutionary process we can observe in human society, which process we could understand and then start to consciously, proactively control.

As a result of the relentless, irrepressible egoistic, individualistic human development we are distancing from each other, each person becoming a separate, standalone entity, caring only for the egoistic “self”. The real epidemic in human society today is the loneliness epidemic, old people dying alone, young people not wanting to commit to marriage or to have children of their own.

At the same time the increasingly integrated, interdependent world requires unprecedented mutual connections, cooperation. This is why we would need to learn how to build the previously mentioned, small, manageable small “cells”, groups, communities where people can learn how to interconnect above and despite their selfish, egoistic, individualistic tendencies without suppressing, erasing anything.

This is not “social engineering” but consciously, methodically following applying nature’s wisdom, its integral template to human society so we could become adapted to, compatible with nature.

If we can build such new communities where people understand and can practically apply nature’s integration to human connections, based on that we can also rebuild the family cell within that community. Still, the integration, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation above, beyond the family cell is crucially important in a globally integrated, interdependent world.