The good news is that the virus can help us improve our life!

Question from the Internet:

“Why is the news so overrun with the stats on Covid? Personally want to hear some good happy stories to at least help elevate the human spirit. I realize we are all suffering, but is there some grain of hope and human spirit available to report on?”

I agree with you, we need to balance things out, otherwise the sustain will become even worse if everybody gets depressed, losing hope.

Thus we have to openly advertise that this pandemic could help us, teach us to rebuild Human society on much better, more sustainable and successful foundations, values.

After all we were already in perpetual crisis, during towards financial, economic collapse and even wars before the virus came. Depression, substance abuse figures were rising.

The pandemic gives us an opportunity to snap out of the previous blind, instinctive life - where we all played supporting, cogwheel role in an artificial inhumane “consumerist” machinery - regardless of where we are on the social spectrum, whether we belong to the elite or to the simple people.

We could consider the virus as a warning from Nature’s system, that -be according to us evolutionary plan - wants to direct us towards compatibility with the Natural system.

And that requires new, mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation instead of the usual individualistic way if life, succeeding, surviving at the expense of others, while scamming down to a natural necessity/available resources economic model.

If we follow the lessons from the pandemic, “listen to Nature” and follow the natural template described above, we will rise to a qualitatively much higher, “truly Human”, collective existence in partnership with Nature.