We can control the whole Universe — through the the intention

Question from the Internet:

“Is it strange that I want to have the entire world and everything in it all to myself with absolute power over anyone and everything?”

It is not strange at all, we are all born with similar inclinations whether we are aware of it or not, we all think that the whole world was created for our individual self, for our own use, so we could exploit all for our own selfish pleasures, fulfillment.

What if I told you, that it is actually possible to receive the whole reality in our hands with absolute control over everything and everyone!

There is only one condition, “small print”:

We get this absolute control over others, holding the whole Universe in our hands when our intention is to serve everything and everyone selflessly, unconditionally, existing only for the sake of the well-being, most optional state and development of others and the whole system.

Then suddenly the whole system opens up and we can obtain anything, do anything - as long as we keep the primary intention of selfless, unconditional service of others.

And this is actually something very practical we can learn, practice and implement here and now - through a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method!