Question from the Internet:

“If “everything happens for a reason” was believed as a true statement collectively, what would be the reason for the infirm state the world is in?”

The reason for the infirm state of the world is to start searching for the root cause of the problems instead of treating the superficial symptoms only.

As we can see there is no political, economic, social our even military solution for the pandemic and the evolving socioeconomic crisis. Moreover we have been in perpetual crisis for decades already, the pandemic only highlighted, augmented the problems we already had and made it impossible to ignore or hide them.

If we start to use the pandemic as a wake-up call, an urgent need to recognize the true problem - which then we can start to treat, cure - then we will look at the virus as a “merciful” remedy that started us on the path of correction.

If we finally recognize our own inherently egotistic, selfish, exploitative nature behind all the problems, we can finally start changing ourselves, acquire new qualities, abilities and rise to a qualitatively much higher, “truly Human” degree of development!