“Pruning” and education hand in hand

Opinion from the Internet on using the pandemic as an invitation from Nature to start changing ourselves and Human society:

“I am not sure the virus is hastening (what I had thought to be) the approaching demise of Western civilization. But — just a thought — when a tree grows wildly, PRUNING it may be painful but points the tree toward a better outcome. The virus may have pushed the RESET button — so many things that had become taken for granted have been CANCELLED. My life experience has shown me that many things that were very unpleasant at the time, turned out to be the best things that could have happened to me. Time will tell.”

Yes, your parallel with the pruning is very good and accurate. Nature initiated “pruning” of the excessively overconsuming Human society as we have gone beyond the limits of tolerance and by ourselves, we cannot stop like addicts.

But there is a difference between trees and Humans. Trees automatically follow the pruning and find their direction instinctively, as they are part of Nature’s “mutual guarantee” or “circle of life”.

On the other hand, Humans would need unimaginable, intolerable pain and suffering to yield and follow Nature’s template of selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving integration, since we are born with a different — selfish, egotistic — nature whatsoever.

Thus while Nature is “pruning” our system we also need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, so we would understand our own nature, Nature’s fundamental laws of integration, its balance and homeostasis that sustains life, so we could consciously, proactively adapt ourselves — without waiting for greater suffering.