Progressing forward on two lines

Opinion from the Internet:

“For a new beginning to end something first an ending needs to happen. It doesn’t always have to be violent and devastating but sometimes for true change, every part of the sickness must be cut or burned out to start anew. When it comes to human behavior, we get stuck in patterns that prevent us from moving forward. When we try to establish new habits we often slip into the same old patterns. Destroying the triggers or things that are associated with these old behaviors also need to be distrusted strongly in order to stay on the new course.

Ideally, it would be magical to make a change in peace and happy times. Unfortunately, we don’t feel compelled to make a change until we are consumed with pain and suffering before trying to find another way. Either or is irrelevant to the truth value and intention, the change itself. The change is most vital any way we can which is really the focus of the journey.”

It is very true that we are operated by instinctive “pleasure/pain” calculations, and that fear, pain is a much stronger motivator than pleasure, joy.

I agree that we cannot move without fear, a threat as pleasure in itself is not enough to make us change. Especially not in the fundamental way we would need to change ourselves now — rising above our instinctively selfish, egocentric, exploitative nature in order to build the mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections that will safeguard our collective survival in Nature’s fully integrated, finely balanced system.

Still, I believe that we can keep the fear, pain, threat on a small, just necessary level if we could at the same time provide a positive motivating force, the hope of a better future, to help us move on using “two lines”, on one hand fearing what would happen if we did not do what we are supposed to do, on the other hand expecting with positive aspiration what could happen if we did what we are supposed to do.

This is the role of a very special, “Global, Integral” education that can guide our generation forward on “two lines”. Then, we could consciously, purposefully progress always a step ahead of possible, very realistic, devastating blows that we sense behind us, towards great, expected pleasures, fulfillments we can almost touch ahead of us.

And us, the “truly Human” observer is going to be the one observing, uniting the two lines as one to help us to move towards our overall evolutionary Human goal most efficiently.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.