Probing, knowing the cosmos won’t save us, probing, getting to know ourselves will!

Question from the Internet:

“Does humanity’s future depend on how well it understands the Cosmos? Or does astronomy and comprehension of its timescales have no survival value?”

I think it is much more important, that, first of all, we get to know ourselves.

We are not in crisis, we are not approaching our own civilization-ending explosion — socio-economic crisis, world war — because we do not understand the cosmos.

We are sleepwalking towards seemingly inevitable self-destruction because we do not know ourselves.

We are still blindly, stubbornly justifying ourselves, as we want to change certain people, organizations, nations, trying to “fix” politics, economy, and society, while refusing to look into a “brutally honest mirror”.

Only in extreme “life or death” situations, or in a purposefully, methodically built Human environment can we provoke, draw out and recognize the inherently selfish, egotistic and hateful desires, intentions that drive all of us. And any hope for true solutions, safeguarding our collective Human survival necessitates finding the root cause of our past and present problems: our own selfish ego!

Only when we recognize and reluctantly accept that the problem is within us, in our originally “installed software”, can we finally search for and find the right solution: changing, upgrading our own “software”. That will allow us to accept, connect to others above and despite the constant, growing mutual distrust, criticism, rejection which cannot be suppressed or erased.

We have the unique, purposeful, and highly practical methodology, environmental setup for this self-examination and self-upgrade. All we need is the readiness and willingness to enter the process.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.