Preparation for the imminent “unemployment tsunami”

Multiple reasons for growing unemployment

At the moment there are a few reasons why people can’t return to work. The most obvious has been the quarantine lately, there is a lockdown in place in few places while other places already started opening up but not all activities, workplaces are back to normal yet.

But what we mercifully keep forgetting is that we already had growing unemployment even before the pandemic - especially among the youth. On one hand automatization reduces work places, on the other hand as a result of our socio-economic system being built on unsustainable foundations it keeps falling into crisis, costing jobs.

And now the pandemic burst the bubble, pulling the shaky foundations out of the system, wiping out the unnecessary, artificial production, services, so unemployment figures very soon will reach unprecedented proportions all over the world.

Adjusting to new lifestyle

Whether we wanted or not, we will have to scale due to a very different lifestyle that is based on normal, modern, natural necessities and available natural and Human resources. Only that way will we achieve compatibility with Nature’s laws sustaining balance and homeostasis.

Thus governments will have to completely readjust and work out what to do with billions of people who have no jobs. And this is only partially a money problem. Those who can’t work very soon will start feeling “inhumane”, without an appreciated, useful, positive contribution to study, feeling unneeded, unnecessary.

Thus giving people their natural necessities in term of money, food, drink, shelter and clothing is only the start. We also have to work out how to facilitate people to feel part of the society, giving them something to do - either in terms of actual production for the necessitating, essential services in society, our being part of education, social activities that are aimed at connecting, uniting people.

The time to act is now!

We urgently need to plan for this scenario as it is already on our doorsteps, we can’t pretend that we can go back to the life we used to live before, especially that it was already very far from perfect, heading for a collapse with or without the virus.




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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

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