Predictions about life after the Covid-19 pandemic

We have received a few lessons through this crisis, we had time to get used to new way of doing things, so here are my predictions based on those:

1.The pandemic and subsequent financial, economic crisis will remove a lot of “non-essential” services, activities from our lives as resources, energy, production will be directed primarily towards fulfilling people’s basic, normal necessities - which necessities now will be easier to define after living according to them for a few weeks.

Overall we will see a lifestyle that will scale down - without regrets - to natural necessities and available resources.

2.Many people, companies will realize that working from home is equal or even better than working from the office, without a lot of overheads, cumbersome practices. So there will be much more people who will continue to work virtually, from home as today a vast part of our work is actually virtual.

This will also increase the ability to collaborate, cooperate above physical restrictions all over the world.

3.While we were forcibly separated from each other physically, most people explored the depth of virtual options in keeping connection to loved ones, friends. Recording artists started to work virtually, even concerts can be performed that way as some bands started to do even before the pandemic.

Thus most of our usual Human connections will also become virtual, erasing any physical restrictions, “above time, space, physical motion”.

4.Overall I think if we use our new conditions wisely, we can get used to, transition into a much more effective, interconnected, mutually cooperating global life, with constant, flexible, responsive connection with each other.

And as a result we will also better appreciate the inevitable mutual interdependence and responsibility for one another which is the result of our global, integral evolutionary conditions.