Positively harnessing our inherent competitive spirit

Question from the Internet:

“Why is it innate to individuals to choose to compete?”

We are driven to compete by our inherently egocentric, fiercely, proudly competitive nature, as we constantly compare ourselves to others and want to be stronger, higher, wiser, wealthier, more known, and respected than others.

We see competition in the “Animal Kingdom” as well, but there the competition is fully instinctive, purposeful, and necessary in order to establish the hierarchy that serves the species the best.

In contrast, humans ruthlessly compete, terrorize, humiliate, oppress and exploit others way beyond natural necessities. We actually enjoy defeating, humiliating, putting down others than we enjoy simply fulfillment, profit.

On one hand, this selfish, egotistic competition, the insatiable desire for more drove humanity’s incredible development compared to other developed primates that remained unchanged for millions of years. On the other hand, this ruthless, “unnatural” human competition made us behave like cancer, especially since we have evolved into today’s fully integrated, interdependent world.

This actually gives human beings free choice in their development, as we can become consciously aware of this inbuilt self-destructive “flaw” in us (which is not a flaw, not a sin), and we can consciously, methodically learn how to harness the awesome, irrepressible power of the ego towards positive, constructive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing goals, purposes.

By that — consciously integrating with each other and as a result, becoming similar, adapted to Nature’s integral system — we become Nature’s only fully aware, fully understanding integrated and still, independent observers, partners, justifying Nature’s integral, interdependent, life-giving perfection compared to our initial egotistic, destructive, cancer-like “imperfection”.