Pioneers of a new Human civilization

Question from the Internet:

“What’s a relatively unknown experiment being carried out right now that could transform the way we live if it’s successful?”

The most important — social — experiment going on right now — multiple thousands of people participating all over the world, on all continents — is one that can literally pull Humanity out of the present “death spiral”, from the seemingly unsolvable, deepening global crisis that affects everything we do.

These multiple thousands of people are purposefully, methodically building a unique environment, virtually connecting with each other above the usual restrictions of time, space, and physical motion.

They are learning how to build a state called “mutual guarantee”, where each becomes capable of making calculations for the sake of the collective above, and despite the instinctive tendencies for egocentric, self-serving, subjective calculations we are all born with.

They follow a unique method that is designed to copy Nature’s state of dynamic balance and homeostasis into Human relationships. This process copies how billions of years ago single-cell organisms — like individual Human beings — interconnected, forming qualitatively much higher, collective, multi-cellular organisms — a single united Humanity.

This would give us a very clear evolutionary advantage, as by integrating with each other we would align ourselves with Nature’s plan of development that drives the whole system towards a most optimal state of integration.

Moreover by becoming compatible with Nature’s integration and the evolutionary direction we would acquire an “insider” status in Nature. And since we would achieve this by our own, conscious efforts, we would retain a clear, independent point of view despite being integrated.

This way we would fulfill our unparalleled Human purpose of becoming Nature’s fully conscious, compatible, inner witnesses, observers while sensing an existence through Nature’s “circle of life” that provides a tangible, realistic feeling of eternity, infinity without the original egocentric, subjective, individualistic restrictions of time, space and motion.

So if these unique pioneers — some of them being part of this experiment for 15–20 or even more years — succeed, they will be able to provide the crucially necessary positive example, pulling force for the rest of Humanity, as the world is stumbling from one crisis to the next.