Philosophy can’t help us any more

Question from the Internet:

“Why do you think philosophy today is no longer given serious attention?”

Because today we need a realistic, tangible, practical method which can solve our problems and helps us survive.

And here philosophies, moreover the classical sciences that all became theoretical, philosophical themselves can’t help us any more.

We reached the impenetrable wall between our present, inherently egocentric, subjective - and thus unreal, illusory Human paradigm - and true reality we can’t sense, taste, research and understand.

We get hints of that “other” reality through quantum physics for example, but we remain like hungry, poor children like yearningly looking through the shop glass window, seeing all the mouth watering bakery in the other side they can’t touch, taste, ever attain.

So before we completely drown in our mounting global problems, losing our chance of survival, we need a real, tangible and highly practical science, which is based on Nature’s unchanging, absolute laws.

This science will help us first of all to acquire a truly selfless, objective perception of reality, an observer viewpoint that can research and attain Natural reality as it truly is.

We need to become similar to the true Natural reality — clothing into its selfless, altruistic qualities — in order to penetrate it and research it from within.

When we have direct, objective perception we have no use for philosophies any longer, philosophies filled the empty space when we were progressing, developing blindly, instinctively, driven by our inherently egocentric, subjective qualities.