Personal Human development in the age of transition

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readJun 29, 2020


Humanity is in a very fragile, unprecedented transitional phase.

According to Nature’s relentless, deterministic evolutionary plan we have to shift from the previous, blind, instinctive and fully egotistic development to a fully conscious, selfless, altruistic, collective development.

Up to this point we stubbornly believed that we existed independently, outside of Nature, under our own authority, and we could do, change, manipulate, destroy, invent and create anything the way we want. We treated Nature as a vending machine that is endlessly re-supplied, thus we can deplete it without any consequences.

And we kept enslaving each other openly or covertly, succeeding, surviving at each other’s expense.

Thus we built one excessively self-serving, narcissistic civilization after another, each more hungry, more egotistic, self-serving and self-justifying than the previous.

But now we reached a unique threshold we can’t go beyond. Nature and its laws sustaining balance and homeostasis — life depends on — can’t tolerate is any longer. The Coronavirus is not something random. It is a unique warning, lesson from Nature, showing the integral system we exist in and our incompatibility with it.

We received an invitation from Nature to change ourselves and start a conscious adaptation to its laws.

If we don’t accept this invitation consciously, proactively, then Nature will pressure us with further waves of this virus, with the evolving collapse of our socio-economic system and other problems. Then we will change as a result of intolerable suffering as we did so far in history.

If we accept Nature’s invitation we will need a unique group of people who can lead, facilitate the changes by first of all making themselves similar to Nature’s started, its selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving qualities, following the laws of integration.

Then they will be able to create the necessary transition, channel between Nature and Humanity.

Humanity is built alongside a pyramid model according to the desires, aspirations, levels of development of people, and how much sacrifice people are willing to make in order to reach what they want, need. There are always people, group of people who lead any transition, while others follow.

Thus even this transition will need those who see where and how we need to progress.

The Torah — a unique, symbolic, “scientific encyclopedia” of Human nature in contrast to Nature’s perfection and how Human nature can become compatible — describes 3 levels of development in terms of how people can become leaders in this new, unprecedented transition, according to how much these people reach similarity with Nature.

The first “prototype” is Noah, a “righteous man” who doesn’t cause harm to others, or to Nature’s system, thus he gets a “free pass” towards a better, future state. But he doesn’t care about others, whether they can improve their states or not, whether they survive the turmoil, great changes or not.

The next level, “prototype” is Abraham, who already actively teaches others about Nature’s laws, and how one could become compatible with them. And as the symbolic story about “Abraham arguing for the sake of Sodom” shows, he expresses great concern for the suffering, punishment of others.

The highest level “prototype” is Moses, who asks to be “blotted out” of “the Book”, just to save his people, and even after learning that he has no chance of actually entering the “Promised Land”, he serves (regardless of how they doubt, mock, defy him) and leads them to the border nevertheless, in an utterly altruistic, unconditionally serving way.

Only those who reach Moses’s level of dedication, self-sacrifice for the sake of others, while unconditionally serving Nature’s system and its evolutionary plan can become true leaders, facilitators for this great, unprecedented transition in our times.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.