Peacebuilding through education

Question from the Internet:

“How can you apply peacebuilding to our community?”

Peacebuilding can unfold only through the right, purposeful and practical education for peace, since “true peace” is against our nature.

And only through the right education can we perform the necessary, fundamental self-changes without coercion, fear-mongering, or misleading propaganda.

By default we are all 100% egocentric, subjective, distrusting, ruthlessly competing against others. Knowingly, unknowingly we constantly compare ourselves to others and build our success at the expense of others, as elevating ourselves above others gives us the greatest pleasure.

This is why war, defeating, convincing, humiliating others is “natural” to us, we respect raw, brutal power, pictures of men armed to their teeth, special commandos going against “evil elements”, children immediately are taken to games that are about fighting, killing others and even in sport we enjoy the defeat of others when the “enemy team” loses.

So without changing, fine-tuning, upgrading our inherent nature through the right education there will be no true, lasting peace among individuals and nations.