Peace is cheaper than war, still, we are not programmed for peace

Question from the Internet:

“Is making peace too expensive while war is cheap?”

No, it is the opposite. peace does not cost money, while war costs everything, money, life, our future…

Still, we are more inclined towards war, as this is what fits our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective, and exploitative nature, that drives us towards success, survival at each other’s expense.

We would happily lose one eye if our “enemy” (others we do not relate to) lose both.

For peace, we would need to give up only one thing: our selfish ego, in order to start making calculations for the well-being of others instead of self-benefit. And this is something we simply cannot do, such an inclination, action is simply missing from our original software!

Thus in order to make peace, we need a very unique, purposeful, and practical educational method that can “upgrade” our software, making us able to think about, care about others, to rise above the automatic selfish, exploitative calculations, and start making calculations for the whole collective instead of the egotistic self.