Peace in Israel

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readFeb 27, 2024

An article in The Jerusalem Post:

My comment:

A decisive victory does not guarantee peace automatically; it is only a starting point.

In order to have a sustainable peace — on terms Israel dictates — and in order for others to stop bullying and blackmailing the Jewish Nation, Israel needs to achieve true and lasting “peace” inside its own society, first of all.

Israel has to revive and restore its original and “supernatural” — above and against the inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic, and exploitative human nature — unity and mutual guarantee, where “brotherly love” decisively triumphs over instinctive “unfounded hatred.”

Diversity, differences of opinions, arguments, debates, and the usual right vs. left tension are fine and necessary for a healthy society.

But the differences, arguments, and oppositions need to complement each other and have to remain constructive instead of destructive.

This is how “shlemut” and “Shalom” are achieved, through mutually complementing cooperation where each and every different and unique part becomes an element of the united and mutually cooperating whole.

We need to achieve this above and against our instinctive urges and inclinations. This requires the unique method Israel and Jews have possessed for millennia, but which method we keep abandoning and forgetting.

It is time to return to our own method of education and social existence instead of copying the self-destructive and failed methods of others!

A “peaceful” Israel will achieve agreement and peace with others easily.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.