Overconsumption makes us behave like cancer

Question from the Internet:

“How do you think overconsumption puts our planet and society at risk?”

The excessive overconsumption our life is built on makes us behave like cancer. We are depleting resources, destroying plants, forests, animals our life depends on.

At the same time we are ruthlessly competing, trying to succeed and survive at each other’s expense while we all sink into unserviceable debt.

This way we are inevitably progress towards self-destruction, which can happen in this generation

We are simply incompatible with Nature’s fundamental laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life anna optimal development depends on, so our present Human system had no right to exist in Nature.

The Natural system will reject us like a foreign body. And we can already see how much we are in an unsolvable, deepening crisis as a result.

This is why we need to urgently start a unique, purposeful and practical “integral education” to help us change, fine-tune ourselves and society until we reach compatibility with Nature’s laws.