Our uniqueness becomes clear when we find our complementary role in Humanity and Nature’s system

Question from the Internet:

“If the human mind is so different and unique from one another, how can we all have the same qualities it has such as thought, imagination, etc. shouldn’t every single one of us extremely unique mental faculties and for some, even disorders?”

In our initial, instinctive form — most Human beings in right now — we are not that different from each other.

According to the inherent program Nature’s evolution installed in us, we are all, ceaselessly chasing selfish pleasures, fulfillment while try to stay away, run away from unpleasant, painful situations, states.

And in terms of our desires, we want to fulfill we all have a unique set, combination, strength from the available “animate” desires of food, sex, family; and the “social” desires of wealth, power, fame, and knowledge.

The combination of how badly, at all cost we want to fulfill those desires and in what priority, importance those desires drive us. And even in this respect, we are pretty close, after all, most of our desires are implanted into us by the surrounding environment, peer pressure. Thus in today’s global environment, with the media, marketing, “circus and bread” entertainment we are brainwashed by very similar “needs”, “values”, “goals”.

If we want to find our true uniqueness, the “root of our being”, if we want to find and fulfill our individual, irreplaceable, irrepressible role, purpose in reality, we would need to develop through a special, closed environment.

We need a methodical and purposeful environment that uses the appropriate, practical method to help us map reality’s integrated, interdependent system, help us understand the system’s developmental plan with our predetermined role in it.

Then by fulfilling that role nobody else could fulfill we would finally recognize and cherish our true individual uniqueness in most optimally serving, complementing Humanity and Nature’s system through our role in Humanity. This is when we truly become Human beings.