Our truly Human development starts only now!

Question from the Internet:

Do you believe that we have hit peak humanity and we’re not going to get any better than this?

Until now, human evolution was driven by the blind, insatiable, selfish human ego, that thrives for accumulating excessive resources, wealth for oneself while succeeding, surviving at the expense of others and Nature.

This is the reason behind the helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles, but also behind the phenomenal human development compared to other developed primates that remained basically unchanged for millions of years.

It is this egotistic, exploitative human development that has reached its peak with the Western, especially American-style society, lifestyle and then started collapsing in our days.

But this is not the end of human evolution. Besides the insatiable, selfish ego we also have a unique human mind, that is capable of critical self-assessment and initiating self-change.

We have the ability to recognize the self-destructive quality of our ego and after this recognition, we also have the ability to start a completely new, this time not instinctive but conscious human development.

This time instead of the ego we will base our development on Nature’s fundamental laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life and optimal development depends on.

Our truly “Human” evolution — consciously changing, upgrading ourselves above and against our selfish instincts, methodically adapting ourselves to Nature’s system — only starts in this generation. Everything until now was simply a prelude, a preparation for the “main event”.