Our truly free choice is very precise, very dramatic!

Opinion from the Internet about how Humanity could survive the crisis:

“You’re asking us to change human nature!
I’m suggesting that in that case, we need a new religion with new myths and new behaviors.
That’s the fastest way to get people to change as it’s the only way people have ever been organized.
And I’ll bet we agree that the problem is that it will not work as we haven’t figured out what behavioral change needs to happen so that we can actually implement anything.
What else needs to happen so that we can actually save the planet from ourselves?
You’re constantly on how our behavior has to change, but what new behavior we need to acquire, this is the question.
Then maybe we can figure out how to motivate people to get there.”

You are touching upon extremely important points.

Our biggest “Human problem" is that we consider ourselves independent from Nature. We made ourselves believe that we are above the rest of the Natural system, we can make our own laws, we can decide to uproot, change, destroy and rebuild everything we like, how we like.

Even now we think that our self-destruction versus survival is in our hands, that we are free to decide what happens next.

We are not to blame for this, after all, we inherently don’t feel ourselves being directly governed by Nature’s forces, depending on its fragile balance, homeostasis like animals do. We don’t feel how evolution influences us, how we are constantly driven towards a certain inevitable direction.

But in truth we have absolutely no choice — and this is something very unpleasant to recognize, accept.

We are constantly, ceaselessly governed by Nature’s forces — so far acting on us through our blind instincts, hormonal reactions — and evolution relentlessly drives us towards its final, most optimal state of full integration.

We can agree with it or not, it doesn’t matter, we can scoff at this, mock this idea, it doesn’t matter. We are in a process we cannot touch, change.

The only thing we can change is how we relate to this inevitable process, how conscious, aware we are of it, and how proactively, willingly we adapt to this process.

Thus the “form”, behavior we have to implement in order to stop our presently destructive ways, what form we need to acquire is extremely clear, laid out with utter precision: we have to become “like Nature" (this is actually the meaning of “Human" — Adam in Hebrew originating from “similar"), which means building altruistic, unconditional, mutually responsible, mutually complementing relationships, cooperation between us.

Thus the “religion" we need — as great sages, empirical scientists have been saying for millennia — is the “religion" of “love others as yourself". This is considered “religion", “faith" from our present point of view because it is against, unbelievable from our original, totally egoistic, self-serving, subjective behavior.

But it is not “blind faith" at all.

“Loving others as ourselves" describes in a poetic, symbolic manner Nature’s laws of integration. We start from “faith" as we can’t really imagine how we could come to selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service of others from our initially hateful, exploitative, “cancer-like" state.

But the unique method we have, which harnesses Nature’s forces by adapting ourselves to them can facilitate such “supernatural" — above instinctive nature, behavior — process easily, when a large enough group of people implement it.

And here we come to another very important point.

Right now we can still calmly discuss this, philosophize about potential self-destruction, we can still say that it is impossible to change people.

But when the potential self-destruction is already here, when we are grasping for breath as the air is unbreathable when we have nothing to eat, the water is poisoned, when the money is worth nothing, the Internet, communication, travel is down, when death looks at us from all directions, we will have a very different attitude!

Then people will accept anything, will be willing to do anything to breath again, to survive just another day!

Now, if we are wise — and there is a growing number of people who are — then we start changing ourselves before we reach such “life or death" state, as soon as possible, using the purposeful, practical method that was given to use!


I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.