Our true opportunity is to learn how to adapt to our inevitable interdependence!

Question from the Internet:

“Would you rather live in an opportunity society or a dependency society?”

Actually we don’t have a choice!

As there pandemic and other pressing, threatening global issues, problems show very sharply, we evolved into a fully integrated, totally interdependent world.

And since this is not something man-made but it is obligated by Nature’s evolution driving its whole system — including Humanity as one of Nature’s species — towards a most optimal, final integration, we can’t reverse, ignore this global interdependence.

Our true opportunity, free choice is “choosing" to consciously, purposefully, methodically change, adapt ourselves to Nature’s integral system, following the strict natural laws that system the balance and homeostasis life depends on.

The other option is waiting for increasing problems, deepening crisis, intolerable suffering to push us to do the same.

On the other hand, by changing ourselves, by building the Nature—like, selfless, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconections, cooperation like cells of the same living body, we can elevate our consciousness, perception of reality, sense of existence to a qualitatively much higher, unprecedented level.

By escaping our inherently self-centered, subjective cocoons we can also liberate ourselves from the egocentric, introverted limitations of time and space, realistically, tangibly feeling, experiencing life in an infinite, eternal manner — here and now!