Our true development, and true “reward and punishment” starts in our generation!

Question from the Internet:

“What are some things that people believed in the past that were wrong but had logic behind it?”

Blind belief in ourselves

Up until now we used to believe that we are above, outside of Nature’s fully integrated system and we can do a whatever we want.

We used to believe that we can push a Human system built in excessive overconsumption, where we all ruthlessly, exclusively fight, compete for resources and we succeed, survive at each other’s expense while we deplete natural resources.

We had a very sound logic behind it: the totally self-serving, self-justifying and subjective reasoning, conviction of our ego, that made us certain about the just and truthful behavior, lifestyle we have been pursuing.

And the facts seemed to support this logic as Humanity when through a colossal development compared to all other lifeform in Nature.

This difference is most striking compared to other developed primates we share a single root with. Humans started from the same natural environment through the same conditions a few million years ago and today we can see the vast difference in achievements.

Sudden, unpleasant awakening

But today - especially through the coronavirus pandemic - suddenly everything screeched to a halt, everything we have, we try to do is slipping through our fingers.

It is now, in our generation that we have to face up to the bitter, shocking fact, that our belief in ourselves, our egotistic logic has been wrong. We had to come to this unpleasant moment according Nature’s evolutionary plan - which gave us birth with the unnatural, egocentric, exploitative nature, inner program.

It is not our fault how we developed so far, we are not to blame for who we are.

We had to try everything we could through the ego to convince ourselves that development without harnessing, channeling the ego is self-destructive.

A new era starts now

Our free choice and the period of true “reward and punishment” starts now.

We can’t ignore, downplay the destructive characteristics of our inherent program, we can’t ignore that without changing ourselves, learning how to control, use the Human ego, without rebuilding Humanity in very different, “Nature-like” integration, adapting ourselves to life within the optimal parameters of natural necessities/available resources we won’t survive.

Nature is built on strict, unchanging, unforgiving laws that sustain balance and homeostasis without which life isn’t possible.

We will have to learn how to become compatible with those laws if we want to solve our mounting problems and we want to safeguard our collective Human survival.

If we don’t do it we will punish ourselves, sentence ourselves to worsening crisis, intolerable suffering. If we consciously, purposefully learn the system and our predetermined place, role in it, we will receive a great reward, sentence ourselves towards a qualitatively much higher, Nature-like, collective existence with fulfillments, happiness, security beyond anything we could imagine before.

Nature’s laws won’t change, only we can change!


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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.