Our survival, unparalleled final goal in Nature’s is guaranteed, how we get there is our free choice!

Opinion from the Internet about Human evolution:

“We rose to our present dominating position because natural selection made us determined to survive and our intelligence enabled us to out- strip nearly all our rivals. Now we have arrived at a position where our civilisation is threatened but we cannot change our nature’s they are the huge evolutionary baggage we carry.
I expect civilisation will fragment and we will return to the dark ages but we will survive that’s what we were made to do. Richard Dawkins calls us ‘ Gene survival machines’.”

I agree with you that we are destined to survive, as Natural evolution has a very unique, unparalleled role, purpose for Humanity. We have to become the Natural system’s only conscious, partnering observers, witnessing Nature utter perfection.

This requires a unique duality.

On one hand we had to be born “outside of”, opposite to Nature with a self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic and overconsuming ego. On the other hand - by using our special Human intellect, capable of critical self-assessment and initiating self-change - we need to learn how to change, upgrade ourselves in order to integrate into Nature by becoming similar to its integration, selfless, altruistic, mutual cooperation.

Then we will achieve a unique duality, contrast, comparative research between our original, instinctive qualities, behavior and the new qualities, behavior we will learn from Nature. This contrast will give us a total, objective, truthful attachment of the whole system, such an insider knowledge as if we ourselves designed, governed it all!

The end result, “happy ending” is guaranteed by evolution’s predetermined plan. Our free choice relates to the manner, awareness how we reach that final goal.

We can continue developing blindly, instinctively as we have been so far, moving, upgrading as a result of crisis situations, civilization-ending explosions, intolerable suffering until we change ourselves out of having no other choice.

Or, we can take our fate, development into our own hands by consciously, protectively researching, understanding Nature’s system, its laws of integration and what evolution expects from us. This way we can purposefully, methodically change, upgrade ourselves without the need to wait for the blows, suffering to force us.