Our survival depends on exploring, using our Human ability — to act, exist above blind instincts.

Humanity is facing unprecedented changes, crisis situations. many people believe that one of the greatest problems is the size of the Human population that has become “unserviceable” for the planet.

I believe that Earth can sustain an even greater population, but not with the current global economic model. And the current economic model could not survive even with a much smaller population number.

Our current socio-economic model is built by, built on our inherently selfish, individualistic, exploitative nature. As a result, this model is excessively overproducing, overconsuming, trying to squeeze the last drop out of natural and Human resources, recklessly, selfishly accumulating everything for the self like cancer until the while system self-destructs. It was exactly before this imminent self-destruction the virus stopped us, giving us an opportunity to think things over.

We have the natural resources and the technical ability to provide comfortable, healthy, natural, Human necessities for much more than 8 billion people, provided we remain within the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources and we distribute everything equally, according to people’s necessities, according to everybody’s mutual contribution to the whole.

This is exactly how Nature works and we exist within Nature. Thus it makes logical sense to start rebuilding our Human socio-economic system — after the inevitable collapse of the present, unsustainable system in the oncoming months — on Nature’s template instead of our blind, instinctive calculations, tendencies we used so far.

After all, our Human uniqueness is the ability — we can learn, develop — to consciously exist and act above and against our instincts. This is the only trait, that separates us from other animals.