Our only freedom of choice

Question from the Internet:

“Would you rather have complete freedom in a dangerous world, or very little freedom, in a world that is very safe?”

There is no such thing as complete freedom.

First of all, we — as human beings, a species in nature — exist in a fully integrated, lawful, deterministic natural system, where everything is determined, governed by strict, unforgiving laws of nature. Those laws sustain the balance and homeostasis life and optimal development depends on.

If we do not keep those laws we inevitably run into problems, crisis situations, and sooner or later self-destruct. This is the “recipe” for human history’s recurring vicious cycles so far as we have become increasingly incompatible with those laws, and now we are standing on the threshold before self-destruction.

And personally, we are all blindly governed, driven by an inherently selfish, egoistic, and exploitative nature that forces us to thrive, benefit from ruthless competition, surviving, succeeding at each others’ and nature’s expense.

Our only “free choice” is deciding which control we accept above ourselves? Are we continuing to be driven by our own self-destructive egos, or we accept the control, governance of nature’s system and its laws over us?

With the second choice, we would consciously proactively acquire seamless integration with each other and with nature’s balanced system, attaining a safe, perfectly fulfilled collective human life. We would also reach and fulfill our unique, evolutionary human purpose: becoming nature’s only conscious, insider but independent observers and willing partners.